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Solution for straw in your manure

Solution for straw in your manure


Twinpress Separator | Dubbele schroefpers by Visscher Separators from Visscher Separators on Vimeo.

Twinpress processes polluted manure easily


Marcus Speck has been using a Separator for a long time now. However, he has problems with straw in the manure. Because it is obligated by Swiss law to provide the cow housing with straw. As a result, manure pumps clog, this complicates the fertilization of the farmlands. Even a regular Separator turned out to clog and seize. This problem is over from now on! Visscher Separators introduces the Twinpress Separator with two augers! Link naar filmpje. Marcus Speck is one of the first who tries a demo machine. Marcus is very satisfied: the pollution problems that Marcus was experiencing are over!

Twinpress mid-November available!

The Twinpress Separator is a revolutionary separator that uses two augers, therefore this Separator will never be clogged with long pieces of hay, grass or straw. The Twinpress creates easily a dry product, even if the manure is polluted. This revolutionary separator is available in Mid-November. Keep an eye on the website for the latest news.