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Separators | The operation

De Visscher Separator is distinguished by the following points:


Automatic bale chamber ℗


A typical separator is adjusted by hand, by increasing or decreasing the counter pressure.
But it often happens that the composition of the manure is not constant and does not have
the same quality. The manually tuned separator delivers a solid fraction, which does not
meet the expectations.

The patented automatic Visscher Separators makes this a problem of the past. Now the
power consumption of the electric motor can be set. When the composition of the manure
changes, the bale chamber is automatically adjusted so that the engine will keep running at
its set value.



• Higher capacity

• Energy efficient

• Dryer product

Hollow Shaft


Standardly, the moisture in the manure from a screw press filter is discharged through thesieve cage, as well as on the outside. It goes without saying that the solid fraction on the outside dries easier than the solid fraction close to the axis (the inside). If the moisture around the shaft were to be pushed away from the axis, it would have to be pushed all the way out towards the sieve cage. That will not work, as the solid fraction around the axis will remain wet. If you still want a high dry matter percentage, you will need to dry the outside even more so that it compensates for the wetness on the inside. Therefore, we also created moisture-discharge through the hollow shaft. As a result, the liquid can also be drained from the inside.



• A smooth dry product

• Reduced energy consumption

• Less wear and tear


Plastic jackscrew ℗


The Visscher separator has a plastic auger. The advantage of this is that it runs very tightly
through the stainless steel sieve cage and therefore keeps the inside of the cage clean! The
cleanliness of the cage is very important. Otherwise, the inside of the sieve cage forms a
kind of skin. As a result, the screen cage will gradually silt up. Another advantage is that plastic is very wear-resistant. As opposed to the plastic auger, a stainless steel auger cannot touch the stainless steel cage. This could cause extra wear and tear. The plastic auger can be replaced in parts. If wear and tear should occur, it would not be necessary to replace the entire component.



• Less wear

• Higher capacity

• Lower maintenance costs