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Visscher Separator for Milchgut Schneeberg

Green Bedding for Milchgut Schneeberg

Roald van der Zweep has been a dairy farmer for over 20 years now. He is located in Germany, close to the Polish border. Over the years, he expanded his business up to 800 cows, divided over several cow sheds. All his sheds are equipped with cubicles. After experimenting with different kinds of bedding over the past few years, he got familiar with Green Bedding. The contractor that has been providing the bedding for Roald, uses four Visscher Separators. Roald was impressed with this system because the cows are cleaner, they stand up more easily and they are laying down a lot. Besides that, Roald noticed that the cows enjoy more comfort. To keep the cubicles filled, Roald decided to buy a Visscher Separator for his own.

New cow shed for Terpstra family provided with Green Bedding
Tersptra stal

New cow shed for Terpstra family provided with Green Bedding

Cow shed is ready

The Terpstra Family’s enormous cow shed is ready. This stable is provided with Visscher cubicles for almost 1000 cows! These cubicles are provided with Green Bedding from a Sepcom Separator by Visscher Separators. Besides the new mega cow shed, Terpstra’s current cubicle houses will be renovated and redesigned according to the Green Bedding concept.

Unique concept

Terpstra’s cow shed is designed for Green Bedding, this unique concept is developed by Visscher Separators. More information about this unique concept can be found by clicking on the following link: Green Bedding

Better milk production

The Terpstra Family is happily satisfied with the new cubicles and the Separator by Visscher Separators. Terpstra immediately noticed difference compared to the old situation: the cows are healthier, bald heels are non-existent and no more manure and urine in the laying places. This in combination with less outflow of bedding material gives a significant better milk production.

Visscher Separators now available in Canada!
Sepcom Canada

Visscher Separators now available in Canada!

Visscher Separators has delivered a moveable Plug & Play Separator to the de Goot family in Canada. The Canadian dealership Park Lake Equipments Sales will guide de Goot with the installation of the machine and with the separation process. Besides the Plug & Play Separator, Visscher Separators also delivered a test setting of Visscher cow dividers.

Prien family now owns a Visscher Separator
Moving the Visscher Separator

Priem family

Cristian Prien became familiar with deep litter bedding when he was a company director at Terpstra’s company. After visiting a few Dutch farmers who use a Visscher Separator, Cristian made an easy choice: buying a Plug & Play Visscher Separator and 162 Visscher deep litter laying places.

Terpstra builds cow shed with 2200 Visscher cubicles

New cow shed

The Terpstra family has experience with deep litter bedding for years now. Because the use of sawdust as bedding was so expensive, Terpstra already bought a Visscher Separator a few years ago. After years of happy using, it was time to renovate the old stable. The Terpstra family tried different bedding places where cows had a lot of space, but these didn’t satisfy the family. After trying Visscher cow dividers Terpstra was convinced. The cows lay nice and straight in the boxes and they can easily stand up. Because of the cows laying so well in the boxes, the Terpstra family has very little work on cleaning the boxes. At the moment Terpstra is building a new cubicle house with 2200 laying places provided with Visscher cubicle dividers!

Visscher Separator tested as best

Over the past few years, the Honingfort Family has tried several separators from several contractors. After comparing all these separators, the mobile Visscher Sepcom Separator of Henri van Loo proved to be the best. After using this Separator for a year, Honingfort decided to buy their own Visscher Separator. From the end of 2016 and on, Honingfort uses a mobile Visscher Separator.

Flexible separator for Strues GbR

Strues GbR from the German municipality of Wiefelstede is the new owner of a Plug & amp; Play separator Visscher Separators.

The separator is placed on a mobile frame and weighs a total of just 1,900 kg. This makes it easy to move with a loader or forklift. And is a great advantage in comparison with a stationary separator. Flexibility was an important point for the company.

The mounted conveyor belt of 5 m makes it possible to run high bumps. Direct transporting in a container is by the length also a possibility.

Visscher Separators wishes Strues GbR much fun with their purchase!

New separator for Fam. Bregman

For some time the Bregman family rented a separator of a different brand. Eventually, they chose a separator from Visscher Separators. The ease of use, high capacity and high dry matter percentage were decisive in their choice.

The separator is mounted on a movable frame so that it can be worked with in different locations. The intention is to place the separator between two silos.

We wish Bregman Family fun with their new separator!

Visscher Separators in Switzerland

Odermatt Rühren & Pumpen is the new dealer for Visscher Separators in Switzerland. Recently, a caravan departed from the Netherlands with two special Plug & Play separators.

The separators are placed on a trailer of 4 meters and is equipped with a 5 meter long extendable conveyor system. As a result, the separators can be used in very small spaces. In addition, extra attention was paid to reducing weight.

The separators were handed over to Marcus Speck Odermatt. And he took them directly into action.

Fourth separator for Westhoff

Westhoff agribusiness has again chosen the Plug & Play separator from Visscher Separators. Mr. Westhoff has years of experience with manure separators and is very satisfied with the operation, capacity and sustainability of Visscher Separators.

On the Plug & Play separator of Westhoff agribusiness is a 6 meter long transporter placed. This has a 0,9kw motor and a fully stainless steel construction in order to keep the weight as low as possible on the trailer. The transporter is specially designed for mobile systems and available in lengths of 4, 5 and 6 meters.

We wish mr. Westhoff success and pleasure with his purchase!