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Archive for August, 2019

Visscher Separators starts in Costa Rica

The Twin Separator will be used in Costa Rica to press fibers of banana trees. Next, the pressed product will be used for the production of pallets.

Costa Rica is a big exporter of bananas, these bananas are shipped over the whole world by pallet. These pallets are normally made of wood, however, for these wooden pallets trees need to be logged. Now, a more sustainable solution has emerged: the producing of pallets using rest product of the banana production. It works as follows: after the harvesting of the bananas, the banana plants will be pressed dry to be used as the foot blocks for pallets.

Banana trees grow fast and consist out of tough fibers; therefore, a press is needed that can cope with this intensive usage. Conventional presses did not lead to the wanted results; the pressed product was not dry enough and the presses did wear down too quickly because of the intensive usage. The solution will be provided by Visscher Separators. The Twin Separator developed by Visscher Separators is, because of its built with two screw drives,  perfectly suited for dry pressing the tough banana plant fibers. As a result, the pressed product will be much dryer. Besides, the Twin Separator will wear much slower than the conventional presses.