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Visscher Separator for Milchgut Schneeberg

Green Bedding for Milchgut Schneeberg

Roald van der Zweep has been a dairy farmer for over 20 years now. He is located in Germany, close to the Polish border. Over the years, he expanded his business up to 800 cows, divided over several cow sheds. All his sheds are equipped with cubicles. After experimenting with different kinds of bedding over the past few years, he got familiar with Green Bedding. The contractor that has been providing the bedding for Roald, uses four Visscher Separators. Roald was impressed with this system because the cows are cleaner, they stand up more easily and they are laying down a lot. Besides that, Roald noticed that the cows enjoy more comfort. To keep the cubicles filled, Roald decided to buy a Visscher Separator for his own.