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Comfortable cubicles add to cow health

Comfortable cubicles add to cow health

Too little comfort

Many cubicles offer too little comfort, as a result the cow does not lay down enough. This has direct effect on the health of the cow. A cow is supposed to lay down at least 14 hours a day, when a cow is standing too long or too many hours a day the cow will get problems with its hoof as a result. Also a cubicle with wrong bedding has bald and swollen heels as a result.

Biobedding is the solution

Practice proves that cows in a Biobedding cow shed have better udder health and a lower cell number. Also problems with Mastitis belong to the past with a Biobedding cow shed. Summarized, Biobedding improves cow healt.

In the following video, experts from Valacon explain why good cubicles are so important. They are visiting the van der Meer family who are using a Visscher Separator with great satisfaction.

Comfortable cubicles from Visscher Separators on Vimeo.