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New cow shed for Terpstra family provided with Green Bedding
Tersptra stal

New cow shed for Terpstra family provided with Green Bedding

Cow shed is ready

The Terpstra Family’s enormous cow shed is ready. This stable is provided with Visscher cubicles for almost 1000 cows! These cubicles are provided with Green Bedding from a Sepcom Separator by Visscher Separators. Besides the new mega cow shed, Terpstra’s current cubicle houses will be renovated and redesigned according to the Green Bedding concept.

Unique concept

Terpstra’s cow shed is designed for Green Bedding, this unique concept is developed by Visscher Separators. More information about this unique concept can be found by clicking on the following link: Green Bedding

Better milk production

The Terpstra Family is happily satisfied with the new cubicles and the Separator by Visscher Separators. Terpstra immediately noticed difference compared to the old situation: the cows are healthier, bald heels are non-existent and no more manure and urine in the laying places. This in combination with less outflow of bedding material gives a significant better milk production.

Visscher Separators available in Canada!
Sepcom Canada

Visscher Separators now available in Canada!

Visscher Separators has delivered a moveable Plug & Play Separator to the de Goot family in Canada. The Canadian dealership Park Lake Equipments Sales will guide de Goot with the installation of the machine and with the separation process. Besides the Plug & Play Separator, Visscher Separators also delivered a test setting of Visscher cow dividers.