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Archive for April, 2017

Terpstra builds cow shed with 2200 Visscher cubicles

New cow shed

The Terpstra family has experience with deep litter bedding for years now. Because the use of sawdust as bedding was so expensive, Terpstra already bought a Visscher Separator a few years ago. After years of happy using, it was time to renovate the old stable. The Terpstra family tried different bedding places where cows had a lot of space, but these didn’t satisfy the family. After trying Visscher cow dividers Terpstra was convinced. The cows lay nice and straight in the boxes and they can easily stand up. Because of the cows laying so well in the boxes, the Terpstra family has very little work on cleaning the boxes. At the moment Terpstra is building a new cubicle house with 2200 laying places provided with Visscher cubicle dividers!

Visscher Separator tested as best

Over the past few years, the Honingfort Family has tried several separators from several contractors. After comparing all these separators, the mobile Visscher Sepcom Separator of Henri van Loo proved to be the best. After using this Separator for a year, Honingfort decided to buy their own Visscher Separator. From the end of 2016 and on, Honingfort uses a mobile Visscher Separator.