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Archive for December, 2016

New: Double Screw Press Separator

Twinpress Separator | Dubbele schroefpers by Visscher Separators from Visscher Separators on Vimeo.


The new Twinpress contains of two screws and is therefore extremely suitable for hard to dry press products. The products vary from grass to tomato stems. Besides those products, the Twinpress is unique because it can press plastic or rubber in order to separate the adherence water from the product. The screws keep themselves clean, so the machine can dry press extremely wet products without getting clogged. Products with a lot of pollution can be dry pressed with ease with the Twinpress.
Regular separator screens are made of INOX steel. The screens of the Twinpress are made of a special kind of hardened steel, so pollution because of small gravel is no problem.