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Archive for May, 2015

New separator for Fam. Bregman

For some time the Bregman family rented a separator of a different brand. Eventually, they chose a separator from Visscher Separators. The ease of use, high capacity and high dry matter percentage were decisive in their choice.

The separator is mounted on a movable frame so that it can be worked with in different locations. The intention is to place the separator between two silos.

We wish Bregman Family fun with their new separator!

Visscher Separators in Switzerland

Odermatt Rühren & Pumpen is the new dealer for Visscher Separators in Switzerland. Recently, a caravan departed from the Netherlands with two special Plug & Play separators.

The separators are placed on a trailer of 4 meters and is equipped with a 5 meter long extendable conveyor system. As a result, the separators can be used in very small spaces. In addition, extra attention was paid to reducing weight.

The separators were handed over to Marcus Speck Odermatt. And he took them directly into action.